Samsung galaxy s9 is going to be release this Year

Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 specification, price and release date. it has slow motion video and 3D emojis.

Samsung is likely to be announce galaxy S9 ahead in February 2018

Galaxy S9 is going to make huge difference in smartphone market. As always, Samsung providing the best feature to the customers  in their smartphones. So, this phone has all specification that anyone can desire in a brand new android smartphone.

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The Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus has many amazing features we are going to describe here for you.So, we have tried to explain everything that everyone wants to know about galaxy s9 and s9 plus.



galxy s9 specs

Release date of S9:

the wait is going to over , Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will launch on 25 February at MWC.

Price of new phone
as you know the time value of money. Price is increases than last year’s Samsung phones. According to latest news and reports, cost of Galaxy S9 will be £100 so it is more expensive than last year’s Samsung S8.

More details about galaxy S9:

Samsung galaxy s8 is just 7-month-old and new Samsung s9 is releasing now, can we expect the dramatically change in performance from Samsung in new Samsung s9 mobile

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New metal design

The new Samsung s9 has just filed in a symbol with the “European Union Intellectual Property Office” for Metal 12, which is speciously a new lightweight and hard-wearing magnesium-aluminum alloy in overall stuff. Samsung has used as the main material on its recent Notebook 9 in this year of 2018 laptop.

  galxy s9 new

water resistance:

it has amazing feature of water resistance and dust resistance with

IP68 variety. it is most likely spiking around with the target of shielding the gadgets from any dangerous or external elements that can harm the phone.


Fingerprint Scanner:S9 finger print

it has finger print scanner, but the main focus should be seen according to AI technology.


Its looks that Galaxies will bring the same display that they made the cut on the S8 and S8+. edge display of s9

The smaller S9 will likely feature a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED quad. The new HD display with a resolution of 1440 by 2960 pixels with amazing quality ruslts.


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