10 Ways To Stop Smoking for Good


Why You Should Stop Smoking:

There are many reason because of that you should stop smoking, many of them you don’t know but some of the reasons are here ,If you are smoker and you smoke you are reminded on every single cigarette that it kills.

You should be aware that smoking makes it more likely chances you’ll die from cancer heart disease,  stroke or lung disease or lungs cancer,mouth cancer.

If these reason does’t pull you to give up there are a lost of other reasons to quit which may just strike a chord. Besides this the smoking is not healthy activity you also know that it is expensive, cigarette makes more danger for your lungs and increase the risk of cancer more likely.

These are the some of the listed reasons above you have read. But there are many more . so just stop smoking for you , your family and your friends, stay healthy and active and choose healthy activities either indoor or outdoor rather than smoking or any unhealthy activity.

These things will you to Stop Smoking:

Write down your reason for quitting smoking on index card this will be helpful it will also motivate you to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking

Prepare a list of things to do when craving hits.

These this should be like this:

  1. Draw Something
  2. Call A Friend
  3. Take a walk

Stop Smoking

Stop Buying cigrate bags and remind yourself that you gave stop smoking and don’t want to smoke anymore this will beneficial for you in the process of stop smoking.

Stop Smoking

Throw away everything and ignore that things that reminds you to smoking.

Stop Smoking

If you feel weak to stop smoking just think and remind the past thing that you have done difficult things in past.

Stop Smoking

Put the money in glass jar or any other  save place that you are saving for cigarettes.

Stop Smoking

During your smoke brake switch to healthy drinks or take a cup of herbal tea.

Stop Smoking

Replace your Mid-day  smoke break with health snakes which makes you more healthy and active

Stop Smoking

Shear your Quite Plans on Social Media or with other friends they will definitely be encourage you to stop smoking

Stop Smoking

Create a smoke free zone to stop smoking it helps you to stay away from smoking, the environment always affects one’s mood to stay focus or not to any activity.

Stop Smoking


“Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs”.

King James I

So, Quite Smoking for the betterment of your healthy life.




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