Cloud Computing Advantages and Disadvantages You Should Know

cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a new way of sharing computing resources. The terminology of cloud refers to the internet and storage space, the storing data on storage servers. All the computer data and related facts and figures, applications can be store on cloud instead of PC . To access any data or any software, the user of computer only needs to connect the internet. Huge amount of business organizations uses cloud computing and storage. As it can be easily retrieved from the cloud.
The mainly use applications now days are

  1. Dropbox
  2. One Drive by Microsoft
  3. Google Drive by Google
  4. Box for Business, Open Drive
  5.  Zoolz Business

These cloud storage services are use to share and store files such as Personal files, documents, pictures and videos.

cloud computing advantages

Some of the main Cloud Computing advantages and disadvantages are:

Cloud Computing Advantages:


All cloud storage managements have work area envelopes for Mac’s and PC’s. This enables clients to move documents between the cloud storage and their nearby storage.

Disaster Recovery:

Businesses should have an emergency backup plan, at the time of emergency. Cloud storage can be easily used as a back‐up plan. Different organizations and government agencies use it. It provides another copy of important files. Those files are store at a remote location. That location is connected to cloud and can be accessed through an internet connection anytime anywhere.

Accessibility to use:

One of the main advantage of cloud computing is Stored files. It can be accessed from anywhere via Internet connection at any condition.

Bandwidth and speed:

Emailing process is time consuming. So, you can avoid emailing files to individuals automatically. you can send the related links to individuals via cloud services.

Cost Effective:

Many organizations are using cloud computing because of cloud storage instead of old terminologies. Cloud storage prices about as low as 3 cents per gigabyte to store data internally. Users can see further cost savings because it does not need inside power to store data remotely.

Cloud Computing Advantages:


Caution about when using drag or drop to move a document into the cloud storage folder that you are using. Permanently your file has move to your document from its original folder to the cloud storage location. So be careful and always do copy and paste your files to your desired location to save original files.


Many cloud storage services gives a specific bandwidth allowance to the organization who are use these services. when any of organization exceeds the given allowance that the service providers allow, the additional charges could be significant, rather some service providers allow its users to unlimited bandwidth. This is the main factor that organizations should consider when purchase or get any service from a cloud storage provider.


Without internet you can’t avail the cloud storage services. If you have no internet connection definitely you cannot access to your data.


If you want operate your concern files locally through multiple devices. You have to need to download the service on all devices.


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