Why You Should Use Facebook as A Student & a Teacher?

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Are You a user of Facebook? Facebook has become need of everyone. Whether he is a teacher or student, everyone use it. Facebook is an open book, having treasure of knowledge. It depends upon you, how much Facebook benefits you get.

First of all, you should consider the fact that this article is written only to those who have not only given the Lord Almighty to the great blessings of knowledge, but also struggle to increase it and others from the light of knowledge. I have also given you a look. Furthermore, this article is also for those who have an interest in using new technology and innovations in a positive way.

Facebook Introduction

From ancient times to modern, humans have maintained the tradition of scientific inventions. Keeping their needs in mind, and along with time, further innovation and diversity in these inventions are also coming to our observation. One of the millions of scientific innovations in the present era is also the ‘Facebook’. It was developed by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg. He is present in the list of top 10 richest people in the world.

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He did it with his four colleagues, in Manila Park, California. They created it on February 4, 2004.





Today, the number of employees of this organization has reached almost twenty thousand. Although this website has been launched on a commercial basis, it is being used for several purposes.

 Facebook Benefits

Where there are benefits of scientific inventions, there are many negative aspects of it. It depends on user’s thinking and training that it uses this inventory in a positive or negative way. It is also noteworthy that

“No scientific innovation is good or bad, but depends on the use of the person to prove it good or bad.”

Shortly, every scientific inventory is neutral. If the majority of people use this negatively, it does not mean that this invention is wrong. Our new technology is introduced in our society, but unfortunately, people are not trained to use it positively.

Facebook provides freedom to express its views to consumers. In short time, any user can easily convey their thoughts and opinions to the people living in the world. After this short introduction of Facebook, this question arises why ‘you‘ should use Facebook? You can use it for many purposes, but there are some special purposes related to this article. One of which is one of the most precious and those who love great works such as learning and teaching knowledge in their busy lives are on other tasks.

Facebook Benefits for Students

One student learning process is very important. Here, keep in mind that you could not learn anything unless you feel unaware that you do not know anything or you do not know. This feeling gives you a chance to learn something.

Secondly, you should also be aware that every item in this universe can give you a new lesson of life.You can store the information on Facebook that includes both authentic and non-authentic information. It depends on how you can use information.


Similarly on Facebook, there is a hub of experts from all over the world. It is also dependent on you that people you want to join in your circle.Facebook also gives you a source of communication with all those people.

Guidelines for Students

As a student, before using a Facebook, take some of the guidelines in which some of the following are listed below:

1. Before sharing any kind of content or writing, once think why you are sharing this?Who are you target people? If there are specific people, please specify in your own writing that you are concerned.What’s new in your post that can make people’s interest as well as increase their knowledge?

Remember that as much as your time is valuable, it is the same as others. So take special care of others.Your post will not cause any heart attack. If you can, you may lose a good friend.Keep in mind that you have described yourself in a brief and comprehensive statement. Long term post loses attention to readers.

2. Avoid getting unnecessary and numerous posts or otherwise the importance of your words may end up in others’ views.

3. Respect everyone’s opinion because the right to disagreement is, as many as you have.

4. Keep your profile up-to-date. Do not hide your personality from others. Especially, your educational qualifications, professional skills and the organization you belong to must be mentioned on your profile. It is also important that your introduction can cause your thoughts to close to you and increase your circle of resources.

5. Give a habit of asking questions and also answer the questions and comments of others. It may be possible that your question may cause you to increase your knowledge of others as well.

6. Before you share anything, you must confirm whether your information is correct or not.

7. If you are sharing something good for someone else who is good to you, please refer to it.

Facebook Benefits for Teachers

If you have a specialty in a particular sector or are affiliated with teaching and research in an educational and research institution, then your specific number of students will also be. You will also be well aware that the knowledge and expertise you have earned from day-to-day work is a debt that can be paid by transferring to your future generations.

The question will also be questioned about debt. Of course you will also be engaged in paying this loan. There is a specific number of students in your class but you should think for a moment that if this number is converted from sections to millions, would it not be your patience that the number of people you named Millions of people who can apply for your charity by following the entire life you have given. Similarly, the burn-in process will continue till date. Until then, your account will continue to be written. Perhaps this charity proves your success in an endless future coming.


Currently, there is a science and technology era, and there is probably a student who is not affiliated with some social media networks. Mostly students, using this technique indefinitely for false or unnecessary purpose, are not only their time-consuming but also causing their ability to seduce.

What are your duties as a teacher in these situations?

Will you ignore those students?Or would you suggest them stay away from Facebook?

Or will you take a step ahead and teach a lesson to use it in a positive way?

If your answer is in favor of the last question, it is important that you burn your part and teach your students how to use this technology in a positive way. Remember it is good for a good teacher to have space between students and teachers in his class. It’s empty, soft, compassionate and frustrated. No student should hesitate, fear and shame in asking questions.

How can a teacher be able to use Facebook effectively?

Perhaps your mind is that the use of Facebook is a waste of your time or you believe that Facebook’s use is incorrect. Remember, you could not make a line shorter unless you move a larger line than that. In the same way, you try to teach your students how to use this technology in a positive manner. Imagine Facebook as one of your students in one of your classrooms and people in your dating list.

Make your own specific page and highlight your personality in front of the world. Share your life experiences in a more efficient and efficient manner. The knowledge that Allah Almighty has given to you, does not limit it to your mind and its specific class, but also broaden your thinking circle with the common people.Ask the questions and answers to other questions, on the basis of your knowledge and experience. Do not limit your life to yourself but make it social. Just as you make schedule for daily tasks, just like a few moments for social websites.

Try reading the minds of others and if there is any disturbance in them, try removing this problem in an uncomfortable way. Do not look at the problems of society, but take practical action with the power of your knowledge for their procurement. Do not ignore the mistakes of others, but make them correctly correct. Move your professional skills into others short and comprehensive.

Remember that everything you say is affecting others in an unusual way. Your position can be a role model in many people’s eyes. So before sharing anything on Facebook, please take a good review of your post. If some of your moments are justified in the thirsty thirst of others, then be sure that it will not waste your time, but you will be able to relieve the relaxation and comfort of the person, which is difficult to describe in words.

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