How to get rid of Joint Pain

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Joint pain is a serious problem that almost everyone has suffered as he gets old. inflammation of the joint causing joint pain and other infections that lead to a chronically very painful, the swollen and stiff joint that can limit anyone’s ability to move, bend, turn and carry out everyday activities.

Joint pain is discomfort that arises from any joint of your body. In the language of science and medicine, it is called “ARTHRITIS”. The word “Arthritis” means joint inflammation, but this term is being used to describe around 200 symptoms that affect joints, the tissues of joint that surround the joint, and other connective tissue of joint. It is an inflexible condition. But don’t worry. don’t be disappoint. it can be cured.

Before we are going to joint pain cure and related treatment. Let’s have a look at the causes of joint pain that makes uncomfortable.

Possible Causes of Joint Pain are following.

So, there may be many causes of joint pain most of the causes will partly depend on your age. Most probably these causes for joint pain in children are different and adults facing these problems in another manner. Joint structure is different in or around the joint that may be caused by joint pain.

  • Infection of the body like illness with high fever.
  • Any problem with the tissues in or around the joints.
  • Leukemia (bone cancer)
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprain & Strain (a compress for treating sprains and bruises)
  • Tendinitis (infection or rheumatic disease)
  • Fibromyalgia (muscular or musculoskeletal pain)
  • Bursitis (Inflammation of a shoulder joint)
  • joint infection
  • osteoporosis (hormonal changes in tissues of joint)

maybe the joint pain is not all about the above symptoms but also the shortage of estrogen can impact bones.

Possible Cure and Treatment of joint pain

First, make an appointment with your concern doctor if the symptoms are worse like Redness, swelling or Tenderness and warmth in or around the joint.

You should visit nearly doctor instantly if your joint pain is caused by an injury and is accompanied by, Joint deformity, intense pain or swelling.

in case of go to the doctor is not possible, immediately you should use the simple medicines for pain relief like painkillers such as Panadol or ibuprofen.


Lose Weight.

The extra weight of your body makes more pressure on your joints that causes severe joint pain, you should lose the extra weight to overcome this unbearable pain.



Exercise on regular basis is very necessary for your good health, this will help to burn your extra fat including on your body and on joints that will decently be a good step to relief from joint pain.


Hot and cold therapy.

Hot and cold therapy is also a very good option for the joint pain the cold treatments are the best source of for relieving joint pain. Use heating pad at night to keep losing your joints to make comfort for yourself.



Regular massaging is very beneficial for anthric joints that will help to reduce pain and stiffness and improve the range of performance of your body.


Diet Plan.

There are many types of diet that can reduce your joint pain use these by best recommendations.


Further treatment

If you still feel the problem of joint pain the further treatment will depend on you. Some reasons for joint pain will require long-term treatment, you may need to see a joint specialist. The treatment from a physiotherapist and a good therapist may also be needed.


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